About us

The Wylab project was born from the decades of experience of a group of entrepreneurs in the field of technology serving sports, with the aim of creating a new generation of companies.

Our know-how has made Wyscout a well-established and internationally recognized company in the professional football world, helping the start-up to achieve the most important launch in Italian sport-tech.

We believe in innovation and training, in order to help young people to become the future in this sector, in sports and in the country.

Our goal

Our idea is to create a technological development hub linked to the world of sport. We aim to become the point of reference for innovative initiatives on technology applied to sport in Italy. We work with both emerging businesses and consolidated realities wishing to grow further. We believe that the best way to relaunch our territory and the country is to create a place where Coworking and Incubation are the center of a new model of economic and cultural development.

Our ecosystem

Having innovative ideas, developing them and doing business are complex activities for anyone starting from scratch. The key to the development of a new business lies in communication, the exchange of information and contacts. We have created a space where start-ups can interact with each other and with clubs, federations, agents, sports associations of various types and structures. A space where it is possible to communicate with both the university and financial worlds.

Our team


Vittoria Gozzi


Federico Smanio


Stefano Tambornini

FRANCESCA PICASSO_Partnership & Start-up Manager

Francesca Picasso

Start-up Manager
GIULIA PERRONE_Finance & Start-up Manager

Giulia Perrone

Start-up Manager
SILVIA CELLA_Community & Accountant Manager

Silvia Cella

Community Manager


GIULIO ARDOINO_Innovation Manager & Start-up Advisor

Giulio Ardoino

Innovation Manager
Start-up Advisor
Matthias (1)

Matthias Loehner

Startup Advisor
mara (2)

Mara Musso

Graphic Designer

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