Coachingeasy Sports designs and develops solutions and smart digital tools valuable for sports.

We aim at building web platforms based on the (SaaS) model for every sport, in order to lead the way for a real digitalization of sports training. is an inclusive platform which links the whole ecosystem of sports, starting with its main actors: Trainers and Athletes.
It provides built-in cross platform applications to optimize the management of the entire workflow, speeding up and facilitating the creation of plans, methodologies and training sessions. It also gathers and enhance the know how and the coach’s experience, tracking the trend and the sports career of the athlete.
The experience thus becomes a content shareable with the whole network to the benefit of knowledge transfer.
Trainer’s education and teamwork become simple and coordinated tasks for: federations, organizations, academies clubs and teams.
It will also be an additional marketing channel for sports industry on its target market.

We implemented our first web app regarding Tennis, coachingeasy tennis pro and it has been available in beta version since February 2019.
It is designed for the trainer and it is considered our core software from which we will implement synchronized web apps such as “coachingeasy tennis player” for the athlete and “coachingeasy tennis Elite” for the head coach.

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