TECNE strives to provide new age training equipment with cutting edge technology to unlock a new chapter in training for combat sports.

TECNE Sensor Wraps MKII, a state of the art underglove laced with sensors with exceptionally comfy and snug fit to replace common hand wraps.

A great intuitive app to pair with the sensors giving the feedbacks needed to improve.

A perfect combo to make actual gains in training.

Created by professionals for professionals

Durable, comfortable, washable!

The app shows training progress in real time and register every single move in a weekly or monthly time span from different angles and perspectives.

Accuracy, Impact Force, Explosivity, Hits, Intensity and Performance.

TECNE App tracks movements over a variety of parameters and characteristics, giving a wider assessment.

Two training modes for maximum customization, free or time based.

Go public, shareable workouts, comparable with those of friends and champions!


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