Uropanet SportRetina

Uropanet Ltd is a startup company founded in 2015 and based in Sheffield (UK). Its founding director and owner, Fabio Caparrelli, has a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering and a 18-year career in academia where he worked as a senior researcher and lecturer as well as a business and R&D consultant. Outside academia, he is an LTA qualified (level 3) tennis coach and a keen tennis player. Uropanet’s main aim is to promote a new approach to sport coaching and learning through the regular use of video analysis technology to enable performance progress monitoring and a richer coaching and learning experience at all levels, from grassroots to high performance stage. It is currently developing a system of portable sport cameras which allows coaches to use video analysis directly on-court and provide immediate feedback to athletes during the course of a training session. Uropanet is currently trialling and validating its product prototype in a number of sports, including tennis, football, badminton, gymnastics, hockey and cricket.

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