Virtus Entella is the first Italian soccer organization that will use Zone7, an artificial intelligence application for the detection and prevention of injuries and performance optimization. The football Club based in Chiavari, Italy, once again leverage the close relationship and synergy with Wylab, the first Italian sports tech incubator, to experiment with innovative technologies and solutions with the aim to improve the team performances.

Zone7 is an artificial intelligence tool that crunches players performance, physiology and medical big data (tracking/GPS, bio-mechanical, athletic, sleep, saliva, blood, etc.) and enables the team staff to mitigate injuries, events that are typical of all professional sports and have huge financial and emotional costs for football clubs all over the world. The teams using Zone7 are able to identify the correlations between injuries and the performance data thus improving their players and team results.

Zone7 not only notifies users (coaches and fitness trainers) – via a dedicated mobile app – of the injury risk levels for all players in the quad, but provides actionable insights on the risk factors, causes and kind of injuries and, most of all, offers recommendations to adapt the work load to the current state of health of the athletes in order to bring her/him back to the safe zone.

Comparing the several other softwares that offer solutions in this field, Zone7 goes beyond managing and visualizing athlete data. It’s an easy to use Artificial Intelligence engine that doesn’t require manual work from the team staff and helps users make fast and objective decisions thanks to its ability to crunch data from a large universe of players and different technologies/devices. What is even more important, it can detect 75% of the injuries in advance!

The solution has been successfully applied by Spanish club Getafe, the team finished 5th in La Liga in the past season qualifying for the Europa League competition and ending first in the very coveted ranking of the less injuries of the league (with just 8 muscular injuries in all season). Apart from Getafe, Zone7 is used by other clients in Spain, England and USA with some clubs of the MLS.

After a 2 month trial during pre season, Entella started using the platform on a day-to-day basis working together with the Zone7 team to optimize the knowledge of all monitored players and provide the club with a secret weapon to thrive in Serie B, the Italian second tier of professional football, a very tough competition both from a technical and physical perspective.

Wylab, the sports incubator owned by Entella President Antonio Gozzi, which forms with the local club a quite unique innovation hub, has seen the potential of Zone7 and has recently signed a commercial deal with the sports technology startup headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Wylab is the Zone7 exclusive business development partner for Italy providing support, contacts and managing clients with the goal to commercialize the platform to other top flight clubs.

Matteo Matteazzi, CEO of Virtus Entella, declares: “Innovation, as the search for innovative technologies that can bring real value to Virtus Entella, is definitely part of our identity as a club, which thanks to the close relation with Wylab we have been able to transform into a structured strategy. The specificity of football, with its typical weekly judgments and the constant need to seize the moment, makes it difficult for teams to adapt to the ever changing digital landscape and the medium-long term vision needed to modernize and achieve sustainability.
According to Matteazzi, “In just two months, Zone7 has provided some very useful and actionable insights for the prevention of our players injuries and we have been convinced to continue in the path of integration and data analysis which can open a new frontier in football and sports in general.”

“We are delighted to have Entella as our launch partner in Italy. We are sure we can create a truly exceptional experience and empower a well respected Italian football franchise to take more steps towards adopting innovative technology”, says Tal Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Zone7.
“The partnership with Wylab, a trusted partner to many Italian and European sports team is a perfect fit because together, we can become the trusted AI engine that teams can use to analyze their most precious data. Together, we can empower Italian sports teams to them to make accurate health and performance decisions and keep their athletes at peak performance and injury free.”

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